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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I've decided i need a blog to cronicle all of my crafty creations. Mostly what i knit and what i sew. I'd like to start with my most recent bag. This is a picture of the base. The actual patern was too hard so Gaylyn and i figured out an easier way.
I knit one long piece and then picked up the stiches where i wanted them and knit the rest in the round till i was done.

Then i knit the straps. It called for just one but i wanted two.
My favorite part is the buttons. I made them from white fimo clay. That was tons of fun. Just shape and bake.

I had picked a bright lining but then brian helped me pick a better one. I like the brown a lot.

this is the finished project.

I am still looking for a home for this bag. any takers? don't think i'll keep it.