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Monday, February 06, 2006

the sweater is looking closer to done. more like a sweater. I ran out of yarn tho and i'm dying to keep knitting. Hoping to get some more from Jan soon. I don't have another class for a while tho. I need more yarn! i'm so addicted. I have used 3 skeins so far. This sweater is going to look sweet! I think i might make another one too. Thing is it's sorta expensive. The yarn is only like $6 per skein but i'll need around 8 before the whole thing is done. I've already spent like $47 on it. OH well, it is a craft - an art! so it is expensive. I need a job to keep this up.. i love it tho!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm taking a sweater class at the Yarn Theory in Bedford with Jenn Love. I'm so excited! i've been wanting to take this class for a while. The class is every other Wed so we get time to finish the project. I picked my pattern and decided to make it a roll neck instead of the rib. This is the pattern and what i got done the first day. I want to do this fast. I'd like to make brian one too. goodie..