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Thursday, March 30, 2006

leg warmers inspired by Heather. She said she would love to knit some so i found some yarn i loved and i thought what a great idea. Lovin the lime green. It is Angel hair that you get only at Joanns and it is sooo soft. I better finish them soon cause it's 70 degrees out there today. i don't know how many cold days we'll even have left. Plus i need to get started on a baby sweater or somethin!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Yippee I finished my sweater! Ok. so it's a little heftyer than i planned but now it will be a great maternity sweater in the winter when i need it. Total cost was around $50 yes this is an expensive craft. but i love it! Next i'm making some leg warmers! whoo hoo!

Erin says she thinks its a girl. I think it's a girl and if it is, we are naming her Adria Lucia. I can't stop calling her Lucy. I told you how my mom reacted on the phone but then i had to make her something fun for when she came home. I gave this to her in the Victoria Secret box (that brian gave me for V-day with a great gift, he had paid full price for!) because i'm convinced we concieved on Valentines. I know.. crazy but i'm just sure of it. I have been thinking of all kinds of cute stuff to put on Onesies and i just had to make her one. She wants to be called Mimi. My dad actually called her that when they were dating. I love it! She's been calling herself Mimi already. It's so cute. Here's what i came up with.